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School Buses

People love booking with Buster

Buster helped make the Nomadness Travel Tribe's 4 Year Anniversary party that much easier for our members to get to... Buster helped our unforeseen last minute venue change go by without a blip in the matrix.


Evita Robinson

CEO, Nomadness LLC

I spent a day searching the internet to drive our 14 member group to 4 locations. Buster was the lowest cost with the best service and quality of the vehicle. We could not have been more pleased.


Mary Urquhart

Planned a family gathering

[Buster] offered a simple way for us to find the perfect size van to transport a 15-person company at a price point we were comfortable with... The support we received from the folks at Buster HQ was also great.


Charles Trent

Director, TTS Staffing

School buses are as you probably recall them - bench seats, lots of windows, the basics. Air conditioning is not guaranteed.
* Not offered on all vehicles in this category.
From $360
School buses are usually the most affordable way to transport a big group a relatively short distance. For a smaller group, a smaller vehicle might be more cost-effective.
School bus seats aren't huge, but they're enough space for up to 48 adults. If you're traveling with children, you can fit up to 66. If you have luggage, you'll need to leave some extra seats to store it.
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