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Buster Charters
Charter Buses

Take Your Pick of Charter Buses

Buster maintains a diverse fleet of vehicles that includes coach buses, school buses, mini buses and sprinters vans. From luxury to budget-friendly options, small to large groups, brief to extended travel, we have your transportation needs covered.

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Coach Buses

Designed for larger group transportation, coach buses are the most luxurious option available, offering a number of amenities including reclining seats, A/C and heating, onboard restrooms and a large storage bay that can handle all your luggage needs.

coach bus vehicle

Coach Bus Amenities

Frame-33 Restrooms
Group Large Cargo Bay
Group-1 Reclining Seats
Vector TV / DVD
Frame-34 Wi-Fi*
Frame-35 Power Outlets*

When to use coach buses?

Long distance travel | Corporate events | Group events | School trips
Coach buses offer unmatched comfort for large group and long distance travel experiences.

coach bus long distance 1

Long distance travel

Perfect for long-distance trips, our full-size coach buses offer a comfortable and enjoyable way to travel across the country or take multi-day tours. Spacious interiors, reclining seats, entertainment systems, a large storage bay and a restroom ensures passengers can truly relax and unwind. With professional drivers at the helm, our coach buses are a stress-free and efficient way to travel with comfort and style.

corporate event

Larger group events

Full-size coach buses are a top choice for large group events such as corporate outings, moving groups around both locally and over greater distances with comfort. Groups can enjoy spacious interiors that provide a comfortable setting with reclining seating, bathrooms and ample storage for any type of travel need.  Coaches buses ensure larger groups can travel and safely arrive on time together.

university trips hero

School trips

Full-size coach buses are favored for long-distance school trips, including field trips, educational outings, and sports team transportation. Well-maintained vehicles and professional drivers guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for students and chaperones and there is always ample under-carriage space for equipment and supplies.

Mini Buses

Mini buses are a versatile and cost-effective option for smaller groups of 18 to 35. Their compact size offers flexibility, maneuverability, and affordability, making them ideal for airport transfers, team events, sightseeing tours, and even smaller school and youth trips. With comfortable amenities, mini bus charters are a convenient solution for small group transportation needs.

minibus vehicle

Minibus Amenities

C and Heat A/C and Heat
audio-system-icon Audio System
Frame-34 Wifi*
Frame-35 Power Outlets*
gps GPS*

When to use mini buses?

Airport transfers | Corporate events | Sightseeing | School & youth trips
Mini buses offer versatility, comfort and convenience for smaller groups experiences

airport shuttles hero

Airport transfers

With comfortable seating and ample storage space, mini buses are a convenient and reliable solution for airport transfers. Their compact size allows easy traffic navigation and parking while ensuring occupants arrive on time.

conference and convention transportation trip overview

Corporate events

Mini buses are the perfect choice for corporate events such as team-building events, off-site meetings, and company outings. With their large group size support, they offer an alternative to multiple cars and taxis traveling separately. Groups get the opportunity to connect, have productive conversations, and collaborate on the go while ensuring they all arrive safely together.

sightseeing tours hero

Sightseeing tours

Mini buses enable tour groups and guides to interact more closely, providing a more intimate and personalized tour experience.  With their smaller size, mini buses allow for better navigation through narrow streets and access to destinations that may be out of reach for larger vehicles ensure passengers don’t have to walk that extra mile.

School Buses

School buses offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for groups, particularly for school events. With the capacity up to 78 passengers, they are a safe and reliable choice for short-distance travel like field trips, transferring sports teams, and youth outings.

school bus 1

School Bus

heat-waves Heating
STOP Stop Sign Safety Bar
flashing-light Flashing Lights
mirrors Crossover Mirrors
Group Equipment Storage

When to use school buses?

School and field trips | Sport team transportation | Church and youth-group events
Our school bus charters are a reliable and economical solution for a variety of larger passenger count, safety focused travel experiences.

university trips hero

School and field trips

School bus charters are ideal for field trips and provide safe and cost-effective transportation for students and teachers. With ample seating capacity, they can accommodate large groups while offering a familiar and comfortable environment for children.

sports teams and fans group transportation hero

Sports team transportation

Our school bus charters are a convenient and affordable solution for athletes and coaches. Enjoy comfortable seating for all players, coaches and fans ensuring they all arrive together, ready for the game.

group social outings hero

Church and summer camp trips

Our school bus charters are a budget conscious, popular choice for youth-group outings, church groups and summer camps. They allow groups to travel safely and reliably while ensuring the group stays together and organized.

Sprinter Vans

With seating between 8 and 15 people, sprinter vans are perfect for small-group transportation. They typically offer a comfortable, efficient and luxurious way to travel while also offering versatility and practicality. Mercedes-Benz sprinter van shown below.

sprinter van

Sprinter Van

air-conditioning Air Conditionings
heat-waves Heating
Group-1 Luxury Seating
audio-system-icon Audio System
Group Luggage Storage

When to use sprinter vans?

Airport transfers | Corporate events | Private groups | Group tours
Sprinter vans are an ideal blend of practicality and comfort packed into a compact size. With luxurious interiors, they give close access to any location.

airport shuttles hero

Airport transfers

Sprinter vans are a top choice for airport transfers, offering a comfortable and stress-free way to start or end a journey. Their compact size allows easy navigation through airport traffic and parking areas, while the spacious interior provides ample room for passengers and their luggage. With a focus on efficiency and punctuality, sprinter vans ensure that travelers arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to go.

conference and convention transportation trip overview

Corporate group events

Sprinters vans provide a comfortable and efficient way to transport teams for meetings and corporate events. They help streamline transportation logistics, replacing cars and taxis with a vehicle that accommodates the whole group ensuring everyone arrives at the same time, safely.

group social outings hero

Small group tours

Sprinter vans can benefit small group tours, such as wine tastings, brewery tours, or themed sightseeing excursions. Their intimate setting encourages interaction among participants, while their flexibility allows for unparalleled access to locations ensuring groups don’t have to walk that extra mile.

Charter bus pricing guide

Charter bus pricing can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of vehicle, trip duration, distance traveled, seasonality, and additional amenities required. To ensure you receive an accurate price for your specific transportation needs, please check prices.

Rates are based on average rates calculated from 1000+ operators nationwide.

Bus TypePassengersEst. Hour RateDay Rate (8 hr)Mile Rate
Coach BusUp to 54$170$1,360$5.50
Mini BusUp to 35$135$1,080$3.00
School BusUp to 78$120$960$3.00
Sprinter VanUp to 15$110$880$2.00

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